The guarantee of an Italian Trademark

With over 30 years of experience in Nautical engineering, OFFSHORE CN produces handcrafted boats which meet the highest of expectations: unprecedented performance, timeless style, total security and luxurious comforts.


Everything produced at Offshore CN is the result of expert craftsmanship, where attention to detail is paramount. We aim to offer the highest quality products on the market, an Italian traditional which we are renowned for.

High Performance

A result of avant-garde hydrodynamic studies and forward thinking design, the SuperClassic range has a sportive soul able to satisfy all desires of speed and adrenaline. To this day we hold the World Speed Record, and have yet to be beaten!

Attention to Detail

Praised woods, precious tapestries, stainless steel and innovative materials such as carbon fiber, make every SuperClassic model unique... a true piece of Art! Our strength lies in encouraging our clients to tailor their boats to their own desires.

"If a man must be obsessed by something I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most."


"The guarantee of an Italian trademark to give you the most unique and exclusive style. Offshore CN is the atelier for handcrafted luxury powerboats."

Made in Italy

OFFSHORE CN is an Italian company working with passion inside the field of design and construction of high standard luxury boats, following a perfect balance of high performance and stylish lines. Buying one of our SuperClassic boats you are going to own a piece of authentic nautical art, unique on the market.

A timeless classic

Luxury Charter

Super Classic Luxury Charter services are able to meet the most demanding expectations. Experience the sea in total comfort, enjoy breathtaking views of the Italian Coastline, let our butlers serve you the most praised wines and gastronomic delights of Italian cuisine. We can take you anywhere you want, provide everything you need and let you experience the luxuries of the sea with our unbeatable Italian Style!

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British International Harmsworth Trophy

In 2002 OFFSHORE CN won the British International Harmsworth Trophy, proving that its Super Classic 40 is a boat without limits. The race is considered to be the equivalent of the America's Cup, and is raced every year in the western coast of Britain, pushing participants to reach maximum speed in extreme sea conditions. A true challenge between the genius of man and the strength of the sea.

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Offshore Driving Academy

Founded in 2006 and partners of CONI, UIM and FIM, OFFSHORE International Driving Academy is born to give the owners of our products all the training they require to feel comfortable with their new boat and be able to use them to full potential.

Given the high interest, in 2017 we are opening the Academy for anyone who wants to live an amazing holiday experience set in the backdrop of the Gulf of Gaeta, amongst beautiful sea and fine dining, while learning how to pilot speedboats and powerboats. The chief trainer is Roberto Buonomo, World Champion and holder of the Offshore speed record.

For more info see 5 DAY ACADEMY PACK

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