Superclassic range

Since 1987 Offshore has been refining and updating its range of products. Today the Super Classic Range is the complete expression of our unique style. With a strong classic style, Super Classic boats, from the Luxury Tender to the fast SC60, are an incredible achievement of Italian Nautical engineering, proving how tradition and technology can come together to rewrite history.

Super Classic 40

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Super Classic 60

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Designed for those who do not accept compromise, for those who want the very best.
With Super Classic, every moment is special, every experience unique.
A style which others can only dream of, a class which only you can live.


For those who look for elegance in every detail, from the handcrafted woods, to the carefully selected leathers.
A point of view which only you can have, craft your Super Classic to meet you wildest dreams, and enjoy every moment with it.
The leisure to cruise in perfect comfort, in all conditions, and enjoy the lifesyle you choose.


The perfect marriage between beauty and love, live every moment like it were your first.
Craft unique memories as you enjoy the sunset, an unforgettable moment which only you can share.
Enjoy the luxuries of your home while gliding over crystal clear water, chose your horizons and make the magic happen.


For those who cannot live without adrenaline, ride faster than any other.
Where speed is no limit, and power is unrivalled, do what other would think impossible.
Super Classic, the only speedboat that gives you the same sense of excitement as taking part in a race.

Superclassic community

We are a community of people passionate about the sea, passionate about yachts, who come together to live unique emotions.

It is said that the purchase of a boat is one of the most significant moments in a mans life. For this reason we cherish and nurture the relationship we develop with Super Classic owners, making them feel part of our extended Offshore family! We periodically organise gatherings, races, outings and much more...