A super fast boat with excellent nautical performance, exploiting the winning solutions of endurance category in the glamorous motor-boat racers. High efficiency in a wide range of sea-surveillance operations obtained by merging high speed and marine performances with integrated communication/navigation platforms. Designed for joint operations involving land, naval and airborne forces.

ELETTRA COMMANDER renews the strong Italian tradition and leadership in design and construction of fast boats, fruit of the happy marriage between advanced shipbuilding and electronic edge-technologies.


Technical features


Speed: > 87 mph

Length: 12,5 mt

Width: 3 mt

Fuel Tank: 1000 lt

Crew (typical): 3/4

Transmission: Surface propellers with integrated transmission system

Propulsion: 2 x 820 Hp Seatek

Fuel: Diesel


Speed: > 65 mph

Length: 18,5 mt

Width: 4 mt

Fuel Tank: 3000 lt

Crew (typical): 5/6

Transmission: Surface propellers with integrated transmission system

Propulsion: 2 x 850 Hp Seatek

Fuel: Diesel

ELETTRA COMMANDER range has been designed to cover:
- Super fast patrolling and homeland security surveillance
- Interception and interdiction of smuggling and other illegal traffics
- Boarding controls and identification
- Support to amphibious forces operations
- Security-at-sea support for special events
- Convoy escorting operations
- Sea-pollution fast reaction
- Safety-at-sea operations

Since June 2006 OFFSHORE C.N. started its program of Offshore Driving School, the first Academy in Italy – and maybe the only one in the world – directed to the preparation of super fast sea interceptor and patrolling boats drivers and crews. All this collaborating with Universities and together with Italian sportive and nautical associations like F.I.M., C.O.N.I. and U.I.M.