Superclassic 60

Designed for those who do not want compromise, for those who want speed without giving up on comforts and luxuries. SC60 is a one of a kind. It planes in barely 10 seconds and its flies on water at up to 65mph without the need of elevated motorisations.
The perfect mix between Confort, Performance & Sustainability.
SuperClassic 60 is unique in its carbon fiber coating. A true gem, exclusive and personal, where the buyer is able to tailor-make the design of the interior to his own desires.
The OFFSHORE DESIGN STUDIO has as its main objective the complete satisfaction of its customers, for this reason we encourage a direct contact between us and the buyer.
SC60 is ideal for family cruises with spacious interiors and a fully equipped kitchen, where you can create gourmet meals worthy of Italy's culinary traditions. The kitchen includes induction hobs, oven with baking stone, microwave, dishwasher, wine-cellar and professional coffe machine, all framed by carefully selected and handcrafted praised woods.
The driving station is raised and fully equipped with sporty seating to give drivers a perfect visibility and the unique impression of being on a race track.


Technical features

Max Speed: 75 mph

Cruising Speed: 52 mph

Length: 18,50 mt

Width: 4 mt

Draft: 0,90 mt

Weight: 14000 kg

Fuel Tank: 3000 lt

Water Tank: 300 lt

Passengers: 20

Bed spaces: 4 + 2

Inboard Engines: 2

Engine Power: 1750/3200 HP

Shipyard: Offshore C.N.

Designer: Roberto Buonomo