Company heritage


As italians used to do

OFFSHORE C.N. is an Italian company working with passion and tradition inside the field of design and construction of high standard luxury boats.
Its challenge started in 1987 in Gaeta, a typical Italian small town on the sea between Rome and Naples, and in few years it has been known all over the world thanks to its Super Classic range, a perfect mixture of modern technology and retro styling.
In 2001 OFFSHORE C.N. decided to test its Super Classic 40 and its high performance inside the Endurance World Championship, winning national and international prizes and breaking the World Speed Record twice, in the same year and again in 2003.
After the win of the world’s oldest powerboat racing prize, the British International Harmsworth Trophy, Super Classic 40 gave the proof of its superiority and avant-garde, relegating all other constructions and hulls in the yachting world to the distant past. The company is certified ISO 9001:2008 for the design, building and maintenance of pleasure and profetional boats.
OFFSHORE C.N. offers a wide range of models that starts from 16ft up to 60 ft, with the opportunity to choose not just the type of engine and the various colors but also the layout of the interior of the boats. The result is an absolutely unique piece of art. OFFSHORE Design Studio is always active in the testing and implementation of new technologies, including the use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber. The new line of tenders for super yachts is currently in the design phase.
The main feature is always improving the previous models, learning from the past to establish a new and exclusive way of experiencing the sea.

The tailor of the sea

Roberto Buonomo

Manufacturer and designer

In a humble town in southern Italy there lived a boy who was in love of engines and the sea.
It was only recently that cars had appeared on those deserted streets and his dad was one of the first in the area to have the opportunity to drive it. This little boy loved to spend his days to dismantle and reassemble everything that was in front of him and constantly fantasised that one day he would build the equivalent of that car that he so tenderly carried in his heart, but which, however, was able to whiz the sea.
When he grew up he started studying and experimenting ceaselessly how to achieve his dream with sacrifices, perseverance and passion.
From small wooden boats he has gradually evolved his technique and knowledge marine engineering and nautical technologies.Since then the boy has come a long way...

Now is a record man, multiple world champion, entrepreneur, but most of all he is a sea craftsman.
Roberto Buonomo, founder, engineer and designer of Offshore CN, has always distinguished himself by his continuous search of innovative solutions in order to satisfy costumers' needs.
With his mind in the future and his pen in the present, he has succeeded in creating a company that not only reflects his own ideas but also makes his creations a full expression of his love for the sea and feartful respect for its strength.


After much research and experimentation Offshore has achieved the extraordinary result of refining the craft of Carbon Fibre and applying it to its boats.
The newly released Super Classic 60, entirely coated in Carbon Fibre, is a clear example of how technology and innovation can come together to create a beautiful and timeless product.

Offshore, where the elegance of the past meets the technology of the future.